Wednesday , 1 February 2023

Pakistani Girls Mobile Number and Whatsapp Group List for Chat

Hi friends I am Zoya from Lahore Pakistan. I am 22 years and student of BDS 2nd year. I am living in hostel with my friends and I enjoy the hostel life and you will get all freedom here. I am sharing the Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Group List for friendship and you can easily go for live chat. The main focus of this list is to provide you the Pakistani real girls mobile number. I am really happy that I am at this stage of life just because of my father’s hard work. My father was selling balloons at the road in my childhood and worked hard as labor to earn money for the family. I have 2 younger sisters and a elder brother and we were living in a rented house in Lahore.

Girls Whatsapp Group

I was also helping out my father while selling balloons and one day a woman came in the car and purchased all the balloons from my father. That day my father has closed the station and we returned to home and I told the story to my mother. On another day I was with my father and selling balloons, I saw the same woman stopped the car near us and asked me where do you live, My father pointed toward house and said we live there. She pointed her finger toward a big bungalow a far away and asked my father to meet me at evening.

Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Number

My father went to that woman’s house along with me at the evening and she asked my father that I like this little girl and I don’t have any children so I want to adopt her. I will bear all the expenses of this baby and will educate her to higher level in good reputed schools and colleges. Her name is Nafeesah and my father was agreed and leaves me at her house. She treated me like a real mother and never felt like stranger, so I am happy to be there. My father also comes to meet me every weekend and he is also opened balloons factory in the city.

Pakistani girls mobile number

I hope guys you like my story and I am really thankful to Nafeesah aunty and my father who helped me out to reach at this level. I want to be a popular dentist in my country so I am working hard in the Lahore Dental College. As the topic we are discussing about Pakistani girls whatsapp groups, I would like to share a list of groups that you can join and find the Pakistani girls mobile number.

Girls Whatsapp Group List 2021


Group 1Join here
Group 2Join here
Group 3Join here
Group 4Join here
Group 5Join here
Group 6Join here
Group 7Join here
Group 8Join here
Group 9Join here
Group 10Join here

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