Monday , 30 November 2020

Katrina Kaif Wants to Accept Islam by Quit Bollywood

Bollywood beautiful actress Katrina Kaif has got many success in Film industry and won awards. Katrina has many popular movies like Dhoom 3, Bang Bang, Jab Tak hai Jan etc. It is heard by the resources that Katrina Kaif has said that she is going to accept Islam by
leaving Bollywood. This news also got viral status in Social media and other forums. Getting this news many Bollywood actors and actress had different opinions.

Hrithik Roshan: It is personal decision of Katrina so it is better to leave it upon her as she can understand her decision better.

Salman Khan: She is great actress and I have worked with her in the industry but concerning to this accepting of Islam matter it is her personal issue and Islam obviously welcome everyone and support.

Anushka Sharma: Katrina no doubt is a superb actress and model and we have good understanding with each other as we worked in many commercials together. Listening this news shocked me but she has her own life so it is better to decide herself.

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