Wednesday , 1 February 2023

Divorced Women from Mumbai Whatsapp Number for Friendship

Hi friends, my name is Natasha from Mumbai India. I am 39 years and divorced women a year ago and now my husband has married with other. I am graduate and have good knowledge of business as I worked in private firms before marriage. I found many other divorced women from Mumbai whatsapp number on this site. I am also interested to share my personal details here to find the friend.

I have completed my education from Mumbai University, I was very good at educational level. My father asked me to go for higher education but I couldn’t complete my father’s dream because I had to go for job due to financial issues in the family. I have 2 younger sisters and a younger brother so all responsibilities came on my shoulder. My father is a retired government teacher and we cannot exist on his pension only.

So I decided to go for job to earn some kitchen money and I started worked in a shipping company as assistant manager. I got great work experience from that job and worked for 4 years. I also worked in multinational medicine company as sales supervisor and earned good money to support my family. I worked in this company for 3 years and then my parents decided to tie me in the knot.

I married at the age of 33 years and found my husband good but gradually he started quarrel and betraying me. He had relation with other women and when I found him guilty he started fighting with me. I couldn’t tell this all to my family but I came across depressions in 2 years. Suddenly a day came when he came with his girlfriend whom he already had relation. I couldn’t bear that sorrow and decided to take divorce because it was enough.

Now I am looking for a job to start my life again, and also looking for decent friend online to spend my time with him. My friend has recommended me this platform to submit my profile to find the friend of my choice online. I found many divorce girls in Mumbai whatsapp number on this platform so hope to get the one soon.

Mumbai Divorced Women Whatsapp Number

There are many Indian women’s are looking for men online for friendship and dating. I am not satisfied with my life so have decided to make it enjoyable with someone special online. I have best friend Deepika living in Mumbai, she is also looking for a friend online. I am going to share my personal details and whatsapp number so anyone interested can contact with me online. Deepika is living with her family and she is very good dentist, she is professional and honest to her work. Deepika likes to make friend and she always look to have honest friend. I hope that any person will contact with me will definitely have mindset to go honestly as I already mentioned. The best thing about any person is that how he reacts towards a divorced women.

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