Tuesday , 17 July 2018


Mumbai Aunty Avantika Whatsapp Mobile Number for Relation

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I am Avantika Bhatia from Mumbai Maharashtra. I am good looking, Well healthy with black eyes and brown hair. I maintained my figure because I was little weighty before and I taken care of my figure and now losing weight that’s why my friends named me as Aunty Avanti. I am still single have enjoyed my life in college and ... Read More »

Charvi from Mumbai real Mobile number for Friendship

Charvi from Mumbai real Mobile number for Friendship

Hi friends My name is Charvi Manglani and I belong to Mumbai India. I am sharing my real mobile number in the category Mumbai girls mobile number. I am simple and good educated in IT. I have dream to become doctor but suddenly I changed my field to IT due to broader scope in the world. I love my parents ... Read More »